Monday, February 5, 2018

D365 Developer Extensions - Beta

It’s long overdue but the next iteration of my Visual Studio extension CRM Developer Extensions (now called D365 Developer Extensions) is ready for some testers. It was nearly a ground up rebuild to hopefully make it a bit easier to maintain and have people contribute to.

What's it's got currently:
  • Web resource deployer*
  • Plug-in deployer & registration*
    * Compatible with Scott Durrow's Spkl deployment framework
  • Solution packager UI
  • Plug-in trace log viewer
  • Numerous project & item templates
  • Intellisense for organization entity & attribute names
For Visual Studio 2015 & 2017

You can check out the documentation here to get an overview of the functionality.

I’m hoping that most of the kinks are worked out but there are bound to be some yet – thus the Beta release.

Grab the latest release here and manually install. Once a few people have kicked the tires I’ll get it up on the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Post any bugs, ideas, or thoughts in the Issues area of GitHub.