Monday, October 24, 2016

VS Code JavaScript Snippets Extension

I had a few extra hours free this weekend and decided to convert the JavaScript code snippets from my CRM Developer Extensions project into an extension for VS Code (because that’s what all the cool kids are using). Should be fairly complete and include everything from 2011 all the way up until 2016 (5.0 – 8.1).


I honestly haven’t spent a lot of time in VS Code as of yet but it seems promising for quickly editing web resource code. It certainly launches a lot quicker than Visual Studio does anyway. I think I’d be more apt to use it for business if it had native TFS/TFVC support. On a side note, David Yack has created a gulp task for automatically deploying changed web resources. It relies on Web API/OAuth so anybody pre-2016 is out of luck but it appears that the nature of the extension model for VS Code forces us into writing code capable of running on Windows, Mac, and Linux (which is good) but means using the CRM SDK assemblies to talk to CRM probably isn’t in the cards.

You can download from the Visual Studio Code Marketplace

Or install directly from VS Code using: ext install dynamics-crm-js

The project is also up on GitHub: