Thursday, March 20, 2014

CRM 2013 UR2 Auto Save Update

UR2 for CRM 2013 is in the process of being applied to Online organizations. This morning I saw a user post on one of the CRMUG forums that auto save was suddenly appearing to behave differently than is did yesterday. They reported that with auto save turned off, users were now getting notified of pending changes to a record when they attempted to close or navigate away.

The rumors were circulating that the release of UR2 was eminent so I thought I'd check out the KB article (KB2919956) that had been published in advance of the actual release.  I was hoping to find something mentioning a change that might effect auto save but unfortunately I couldn't find anything. But since the document hadn't been finalized yet I thought I would give it a look myself.

Prior to auto save in CRM 2011 this was the standard behavior. You could make some edits to the record and you could essentially cancel out of committing the changes by closing the windowed record and opting to leave the page when the notification about pending changes was displayed (which BTW really helps when you are a developer and you happen to be testing the OnChange event of a field in production... but I've never done that... right).


When auto save was fully introduced in the initial release of CRM 2013 we were given the ability to global turn off the feature. This results in a "Save" button being placed on the form to make manually saving easier but the behavior when closing a windowed record or navigating off a record still performed the auto save without notifying the user. Ultimately I believe the intent was to benefit the end user to help prevent data loss but the general feeling in the CRM community was that this wasn't the correct behavior.

I could insert a screen shot here to show the CRM 2013 RTM-UR1 behavior but that would be pointless. 

Now with UR2 installed we are back to the behavior we saw in CRM 2011. If you have auto save disabled and you make a change to a record and attempt to close or navigate away from the page you will once again be prompted.


I did a little searching on the Microsoft Connect site and there were multiple instances were users suggested this functionality be changed. So this just goes to show it can indeed pay off by taking the time to go in and log a suggestion or vote for the items you feel are important!