Wednesday, December 4, 2013

CRM 2013 Audit Undo - Rollback Accidental Changes

So the new auto save functionality in Dynamics CRM 2013 brings us more in line to what applications like Microsoft Office have been doing for years - trying to protect us by periodically saving our data. But unlike Office there isn't an undo button to undo what we just typed. Technically you can still hit Ctrl-Z before leaving a field to undo the last bit you typed but that only helps in a small percentage of cases to get back a value that was changed accidentally.

To help fill that gap, I created this solution to display audit detail via a web resource and allow values to be rolled back right from the form. It works on all field types that can be updated via REST, so State, Status, and Owner fields are excluded.

So this also implies that auditing it turned on and the current user has the View Audit History privilege.


Check it out and provide feedback for improvement.