Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Are You Missing Duplicate Detection In CRM 2013?

A couple months back we learned that Dynamics CRM 2013 would be dropping support for a number of things. Most of the items wouldn't be missed, things like Internet Explorer 7, CRM 4.0 code, and the Getting Started Pane are all items most people could live without. But the one thing that seemed to be a surprise was the removal of duplicate detection when creating or updating a record. But first let's be clear - duplicate detection still natively exists in CRM. All of the interfaces in the Settings -> Data Management area relating to duplicate detection are still in place and are relatively unchanged. Rules can still be created and jobs can still be scheduled, we just no longer see the pop up window when creating or editing records when there is a potential duplicate. Those of you that utilized the new process driven forms in the "Polaris" release back in December 2012 got a taste of this as duplicate detection on the client side was missing there are well. The item that appears to be the reason behind the removal of duplicate detection is auto save which also was introduced in the "Polaris" release. For the most part it stands to reason most people wouldn't want to see a pop up every 30 seconds when they are working  on contact record for John Smith or some other common name that could easily be flagged as a potential duplicate. But unfortunately there are still those businesses who might have come to rely on this feature in CRM 2011.

In order to solve that I've created a solution to add back in that missing functionality. It uses any new or existing duplicate detection rules you might have in your organization. It works on the standard and quick create forms* and will can be configured to prevent a user from saving a record when a potential duplicate is found. Works both On Premise and Online.

*There is currently an unresolved bug in CRM that displays an empty error form notification where cancelling a save in a Quick Create form. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.


Check it out and provide feedback for improvement.