Monday, June 3, 2013

CRM 2011 Internal Email Helpers

I whipped up a few custom workflow activities to fill in a few gaps when dealing with CRM emails.
  • Send e-mail to a business unit and children
  • Send e-mail to a security role
  • Send e-mail to a team
Take an email you've created in a workflow and send it to business unit users, team members, and those with a certain security role.
  • Delete e-mail attachments without deleting the e-mail message
Delete attachments equal to or greater than the designated size while keeping the email message intact and optionally create a note indicating which attachments were deleted.
  • Get case resolution description
  • Get opportunity close description
  • Get quote close description
  • Get order close description
Get the first or last close/resolution activity description so you can use it in a later workflow step.