Monday, March 11, 2013

Change Polaris Process Form AutoSave Interval

*Note: This is an unsupported change so use at your own risk*

Normally I’m not a big fan of unsupported customizations but I’ve seen quite a few people asking about changing the time in-between saves to a value other than the default 30 seconds or finding a way to disable the feature all together. At the moment there isn’t any setting in the standard user interface that allows any control over this but if we add a hidden Web Resource to the form we can change the interval or essentially disable it entirely.

First thing will be to create a HTML web resource file. Use the text editor and switch to the Source tab and enter the following HTML.
            //Amount is seconds between saves
            var value = 500;
            parent._autoSaveInterval = value;
        <meta charset="utf-8">

As you’ve probably figured out and can set the value to any number of seconds you like. Setting it to an astronomically large number will effectively disable autosave.

Next thing is to add the web resource to the Process form. After choosing the file that was just created, you can uncheck Visible by default, as there will be nothing to see but be sure you do check the option Show this Web Resource in Read Optimized Form.

Save and publish everything and you are all set.

Additionally any unsaved changes will still be saved when the form is closed if the save icon in the lower right isn't used.