Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reporting Extensions Install: Empty SQL Server Instance

While wrapping up a CRM 2011 install I ran into an issue installing the Reporting Extensions. The main CRM server installation went smoothly so I moved over to the SQL Server to install the Reporting Extensions, only to get stuck with an empty drop down list when prompted to select the instance name for my SQL Server. In this particular case I was using the default instance, so I had expected to see MSSQLSERVER in the dropdown. I backed up a screen where I initially entered my SQL Server name and tried entering it in the form of servername\instancename but still ended up with the instance drop down (unable to enter text manually) being empty.

I found the installation log files and found a couple of warnings:

|Warning| Instance Name needs to be escaped. Management Exception: Invalid namespace

and a couple lines later…

|Warning| Could not find a local RS instance corresponding to the reporting url http://NewOrganizationSQL/reportserver for organization NewOrganization

I went back and verified Reporting Services were configured completely. I also double checked the URL was accessible from both the CRM server as well as the SQL server. I looked at the Reporting Services configuration file to ensure the URLs were correct there. I tried changing the account Reporting Services was using to see if that had any impact. I installed update rollup 6 on the CRM server. I even went as far as trying to to use an XML configuration file to specify the instance name hoping I could get by that way. All to no avail.

Next, I  uninstalled CRM and deleted the databases and tried again with no luck. In the end, what appeared to solve the problem was installing SQL Server 2008 SP3 on the SQL Server. I had also reapplied update rollup 6 but I’m not sure that made a difference as it didn’t previously. Interestingly enough SQL Server was at SP2 and the requirements indicate only SP1 is required. In the end I’m not sure I can 100% confirm that was the real solution but it might be one more thing to try if you get stuck.