Sunday, February 12, 2012

Getting Started with Windows Azure – Part 1

The goal here will be to get get a simple Windows Azure application up and running. We’ll get the Visual Studio 2010 tooling installed and create our sample application and handle any gotchas that come up along the way.

First thing’s first, if you haven’t already done so, head over to the Windows Azure site and sign up for the 3 month free trial. You’ll need a credit card and some mechanism for receiving a text message to confirm your sign up. Microsoft has safe guards in place to prevent you from getting charged if you happen to go over the pre-defined caps they put in place for the trial. Worst case scenario is you exceed your allotments and your applications get shut down for the remainder of the current month. Once the new month starts up, you should be OK to redeploy and continue your trial. The sign up process is painless and should only take a few minutes.

Once we have that out of the way, we can go ahead and install the Windows Azure Tools in Visual Studio 2010. It might help also to have Microsoft’s Web Platform Installer already installed as well. By opening up File –> New –> Project you should see a ‘Cloud’ selection under your language of choice.


Another prompt.


Finally, ready to install.


After a few minutes, everything you need to get started should be installed.


In the next post, we will create and deploy a simple application to Azure and see what happens.